Prevent Hair Loss Using Biotin and Other Nutrients

There are different factors that can result to hair loss. Age is just one factor. In fact, even your genes would determine if you are at risk of losing hair. Based on recent studies, the number of men and women suffering from hair loss is increasing.

Once you notice the early symptoms of hair loss, you should immediately find remedies or cures to it. This is to avoid further aggravating the problem. Failure on your part to find an effective treatment can result to severe hair loss or worse, baldness. While you can still manage the problem, it is essential that you take the necessary actions.

Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Apart from the above mentioned factors, your lifestyle is also a contributing factor. When you are physically inactive and you eat the wrong food, you are prone to stress. When you are stressed out, you are prone to hair loss. Poor diet also contributes to hair loss as your hair is prone to breakage due to lacking hair nutrients.

This is basically one of the reasons why you should also consider the use of natural methods to address hair loss. Although there are various hair loss solutions being offered in the market, it does not hurt if you combine having a healthy lifestyle and the use of these products to prevent further hair loss.

If you think you are prone to hair loss, you should eat the right food that would give nutrients to your hair. Just like the other parts of your body, your hair also needs the necessary vitamins and minerals to prevent hair loss.

The Use of Biotin

People who are suffering from hair loss need to boost their vitamin B intake. Biotin or Vitamin B7 also known as Vitamin H is one of the vitamins that you need.

It works by synthesizing fat which allows the functioning of the enzyme acetyl Co-A carboxylase. This enzyme builds fat molecules and protects the different parts of the body like the nervous system.
Biotin is also responsible for hair regrowth. In fact, there are tests showing that Biotin can also stop premature graying of hair.

When you are stressed out, you notice that you lose more hair strands than the usual. This is because stress is also a contributing factor to hair loss. As such, it helps if you can Biotin supplements to your daily diet. By adding Biotin to your diet, you get to protect your hair follicles and you get to lessen your stress which results to hair loss.

Dosage of Biotin

You can take 60 mg of Biotin in a day. This can be sustained for long periods. There is no need to worry about any adverse effects since there are no reports pertaining to Biotin toxicity. In fact, there are studies that would back up the claim that Biotin supplementation helps in hair restoration and reversal of premature hair graying.

But if you are not sure when it comes to the dosage, it is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor. At least, your doctor can help you in determine the right or the most suitable dosage to address your hair loss concern.

Other Nutrients Needed

Apart from Biotin, there are also other nutrients that are needed for hair growth. One of them is Silica. You can add Silica to your diet by eating grains. For instance, you can have rice and oats. In addition, protein is also essential to spur hair growth. By eating food rich in protein like for instance meat and fish, you can have a healthier hair. Iron should also be included in your diet as anemia can cause hair fall.