Low Dose Laser Hair Therapy for Pattern Baldness

Based on recent statistics, male pattern balding also known as Androgenetic alopecia occurs to men (70%) and women (40%).

This condition is widely common among men as they experience alopecia while on the other hand; women who suffer from this condition tend to experience having thin hair. Many also suffer from the usual hair loss problems.

No person wants to experience this kind of situation. It can be frustrating and embarrassing especially when you have to deal with different kinds of people.

This is primarily one of the reasons why many people suffering from pattern balding are willing to shed out money just to prevent further hair loss and to stimulate hair growth.

With recent developments in technology, there are now ways for you to address the problem. Through the so-called low dose laser hair therapy, you can provide a long term solution to your hair problem.

What is a Low Dose Laser Hair Therapy?

Laser is used to remove hair. How then is laser hair therapy used for hair growth? Low dose laser hair therapy is a type of non-surgical procedure used to help those who suffer from various hair loss problems. This treatment is also known as cold laser, photo-biomodulation, red light therapy, etc.

This treatment makes use of low level laser that will then emit light for the scalp. The wavelength varies depending on the device. For instance, the first type of laser hair therapy which is the low level laser therapy makes use of wavelength 630-670.

There are also consumer devices that are now made available for home use. For example, you can purchase the HairMax LaserComb created by Lexington International, USA.

Know How the Laser Hair Therapy Works

Prior to undergoing this treatment, it helps if you know how the laser hair therapy works. The hair growth is composed of three different phases: the growth phase, the resting and the shedding phase.

By using a low level laser procedure, your blood flow increases and stimulates growth of follicles or catagen. This laser therapy penetrates your scalp in such a manner that it goes through the different phases of hair grown.

Benefits of Low Dose Laser Hair Therapy

Once you decide to have the laser hair therapy, you can get several benefits. This treatment can be used both by women and men. There are also no negative side effects.

It is a non-surgical treatment which offers fast and painless treatment. In terms of cost, this type of treatment is also not that expensive. When it comes to the results, the treatment claims to help stimulate hair growth and help you hair become stronger.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of the treatment varies depending on the specific type of laser hair therapy you intend to have. Just before you finally avail any treatment, find a certified and reliable doctor who can perform the different laser hair treatments.

For a full treatment package, you can definitely expect for a higher cost. But there are also other types of treatments that are more affordable.

Laser Therapy: A Non-Surgical Method for Hair growth

Both men and women from across the globe suffer from hair loss. This condition is attributed to different reasons. Your genes and even stress can aggravate your hair loss problem, causing major alopecia issues.

But thanks to technology, there are now ways for you to prevent hair loss. You do not have to undergo any surgery operation just to address the problem. Through the non-surgical method known as the laser hair therapy, you get to find an effective way to treat hair loss, baldness and other scalp related problems.

What is Laser Hair Rejuvenation?

Laser hair rejuvenation is a new and a non-surgical method to prevent hair loss. This treatment makes use of laser energy (low light) through a device made in Europe to treat hair loss conditions.

The nice thing about this procedure is that both men and women suffering from terrible hair loss can still have healthier and voluminous hair.

The Science Behind the Laser Light Therapy

For those who seriously want to find the most effective solution for hair loss problem, this is the best treatment available.

But just before you finally try this treatment, it helps if you know the science behind the low level energy used in the laser light therapy.

The use of low level laser energy initially started in various experiments conducted by Professor Andre Mester in Budapest, Hungary way back in 1964. During the experiment, he found out that the use of low power laser light allows micro-circulation of blood supply.

In turn, this speeds up the healing process. This distinguished property of low level laser light enables others to further develop a device that can be used to treat hair loss.

Difference Between High Power and Low Power Lasers

There are two different kinds of lasers that are used in various facilities: the high power and the low power lasers. How do these two differ?

The former is used to give off heat and it is used penetrate tissues while the latter does not give off heat. Using photo energy, the laser light therapy helps increase blood flow. This is hair beneficial for your hair follicles and scalp which stimulates growth.

Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy Treatment

In various countries all over the world, the laser hair therapy treatment has become a widely popular procedure to prevent hair loss. Clients who have already tried this treatment can attest for its effectiveness.

There are various benefits that you can get.

For one, it helps the increase of blood supply on your scalp. This is easily noticeable even after one treatment. With the increase of blood supply by 54%, this results to hair follicle stimulation which allows your hair to grow shinier and thicker.
85% of patients who continue using the treatment are able to prevent further hair loss damage. Those who undergo laser hair therapy can also experience softer hair but the hair roots are strong and elastic.

Consult Experts

To get to know more about this procedure, you can find an expert providing this treatment. Before you start the procedure, you can consult an expert for some advice regarding your concerns.

Laser Hair Therapy for an Effective Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is usually associated with men. But contrary to this belief, there are a lot of women who also experience hair loss. When you brush your hair, you notice that you lose hair strands.

This is normal since human hair also undergo the shedding phase. But if you start to see too many hair strands, you should seriously start finding an effective solution.

In the market, you can find several hair products being offered. There are also different hair treatments now made available.

Laser Hair Therapy

Instead of undergoing medications or hair transplant that may have negative effects, many people opt to have a laser hair therapy. To date, this is considered to be one of the most popular treatments to cure hair loss.

Although laser is known to remove unwanted hair, scars, wrinkles, etc., laser light in particular the use of low level laser light can actually stimulate hair growth.

Experts say that this therapy stimulates hair follicles. It also stimulates hair growth. Since laser removes harmful chemicals, you can have stronger, thicker and shinier hair.

Different Types of Laser Hair Treatments

Along with the discovery of using laser light to treat hair loss, there are now various kinds of laser hair treatments available. You can choose depending on your budget and the extent of your hair loss problem.

You may have the low level laser hair therapy. This is a fast and hassle free treatment where you just have to sit down for a few minutes. This procedure is risk free. You do not have to worry about thermal damage since the laser device uses low level laser light.

Aside from this therapy, you can purchase a consumer device which also functions as a laser hair therapy. The lasercomb has become widely popular among young and adults. This consumer device claims to be highly effective upon continuous use.

For the first two to five weeks, you may experience hair fall. This is normal. After that, you can notice significant changes in hair growth. Users of lasercomb are expected to have thicker and stronger hair strands.

Cost of Laser Hair Therapy

Compare to a hair transplant surgery, laser hair therapy is cheaper. Hair transplant will cost you about $2000 or even more. If you wish to use a lasercomb then you can definitely save more.

This is not an ordinary comb since it uses the laser light technology. As such, consumers can expect a quiet pricey comb.

Consult a Hair Expert

Although laser hair therapy seems to be a promising solution to treat hair loss, it is still essential that you consult a doctor. Only an expert can help you find the most effective solution.

You cannot self-medicate especially when you notice that your hair loss problem is getting worse. While your condition is still manageable, you should start searching for a certified, competent and quality doctor.

At least, you can be sure that the treatment or procedure recommended to you is one of the best options.

Learn More About Laser Hair Restoration

Having to suffer from hair loss is a nightmare not only to men but even to women. Your hair is your crowning glory. As people age, we start to experience decline in hair growth and vitality. When it is in your genes and when you are stressed out, you can further aggravate the problem.

What happens if you start to lose many hair strands everyday? To avoid having to deal with this embarrassing situation, you should seriously start looking for a long term solution to the problem.

Try the Laser Hair Restoration Therapy

Among the different therapies being offered, laser hair restoration is considered to be one of the most effective treatments out there. Through the use of laser hair therapy, it can help restore your hair growth.

It makes your hair follicle stronger thereby stimulating hair growth. This procedure utilizes low power level laser to help you grow hair without having to undergo any surgery operation.

Different Types of Laser Hair Restoration

There are different kinds of laser hair restoration. Before you finally undergo this treatment, it is strongly recommended that you find an expert who can provide all of the treatments. After which, you can consult as to which specific type of laser hair restoration is suitable for you.

The first treatment is known as the Laser Luce LDS 100 which is used to stimulate hair follicles. Using the low power laser, the energy is further absorbed into skin tissues.

In this type of treatment, all you have to do is to sit down as if you are in a salon and wait until the whole procedure is done.

The second kind of treatment is known as the LLLT or Low Level Laser Therapy. This is basically the same as the previous. The only difference is that the doctor will apply the right wavelength to stimulate blood flow.

Those who have undergone hair transplant also use this treatment.

Last but not the least is the Laser Comb or also known as the Home Laser Hair Therapy Device. This is the most inexpensive treatments among the three types. You can just brush it through your hair.

How Much Does it Cost?

In availing this treatment, you want to ask, “How much does it cost?” You would definitely want to reduce costs. These three types of treatments vary when it comes to cost. You may pay for about $2000. For full and complete treatment, you have to pay for about $10,000.

At Steve Latham Hair transplant in Huntsville, Alabama clients are given a free consultation and price is quite reasonable compare to most other hair transplant clinics nation wide.

Benefits of the Treatment

Although the treatment appears costly to some, many people are still interest to try the laser hair restoration treatment. There are several benefits that you can get if ever you decide to have the treatment.

For one, if you are suffering from hair loss, you can definitely avoid aggravating the problem more. Your hair strength and elasticity will also improve. With the laser treatment stimulating blood blow, you can expect more hair growth. Now, you do not have to worry or think about hair loss or thinning hair.

How Effective is Laser Hair Restoration

When many people suffer from the embarrassing condition of losing hair, they turn to different treatments and hair products to address the problem. Among the most popular treatment is the laser hair restoration treatment.

This treatment was initially reported by the New York Times. Until now, there are heated debates as to whether this treatment is indeed effective. There is a question as to whether laser therapies are better than the conventional hair restoration treatment. Despite the growing popularity of laser hair therapy, some experts are still skeptical if it is indeed effective.

The Science Behind the Laser Hair Therapy

The laser hair restoration therapy makes use of low power laser to stimulate hair follicles and increase blood supply. In an interview by the New York Times with Sandy Tsao, a dermatologist and instructor at Harvard Medical School, she expressed her skepticism towards the efficacy of the treatment.

In the industry, lasers are primarily used to remove hair. Contrary to its use in generating hair growth, lasers are commonly used to get rid of hair. However, Dr. Alan Bauman refuted the statement by saying that the purpose of using laser hair therapy is to stimulate the declining hair follicles.

Use of Consumer Devices

There are various kinds of laser hair restoration treatments. Among the most popular is the use of consumer devices. By using a device, you do not have to go any facility just to be able to enjoy the benefits of a laser hair restoration therapy.

For instance, there is a product that has already been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration which is the HairMax LaserComb. The product is safe to use. But then, the agency cannot attest for the efficacy of the product although it claims that it treats alopecia and hair baldness problems.

The said device is manufactured by Lexington International which costs about $500. According to the creator of HairMax LaserComb, using the comb three times for 15 minutes can yield good hair benefits.

Use of Other Types of Laser Hair Restoration Treatments

The previous one is the cheapest option available. For those who have serious baldness and hair loss problems, using a device won’t be enough. As such, it is essential to try the other types of hair restoration therapy procedures like the Laser Luce LDS 100. This is a fast and easy treatment.

It feels as if you are inside the salon. The doctor will use the low power laser on your scalp. The other kind of treatment is the Low Level Laser therapy where a specific wavelength is chosen for the procedure.

Are There Other Options?

Unfortunately, there is no 100% effective treatment both for temporary hair loss and baldness according to Mayo Clinic. These treatments can only improve your hair growth cells.

You may use a tropical treatment known as the minoxidil. Other medication used is finasteride. But for those who want to have a long term solution, the most suggested option is to undergo a surgical hair transplant procedure.

Is Laser Hair Therapy Effective?

Laser Hair Therapy has become widely popular all over the world. Both men and women who experience from various hair related problems want to try the treatment. According to experts providing this hair treatment, it is a non-surgical option that can provide effective results even for those people who suffer from major hair loss problems.

On the other hand, there are also groups of people including experts and organizations who doubt the efficacy of the said treatment. Some say that this treatment has no theoretical basis.

For those who are interested to try this treatment, one wants to know, “how does laser light stimulate hair growth.” We all know that laser light is used in other procedures to remove hair so how can this treatment stimulate hair growth?

Know More About Laser

This specific treatment makes use of LASER also known as the Light Amplifications by Stimulate Emission of Radiation. This is no ordinary light since laser possesses certain characteristics. For instance, the light waves of laser have the same wavelength. Unlike ordinary lights that spread out, laser light is collimated.

Low Level Laser Therapy

This laser light is used in low level laser hair therapy, Also known as the LLLT or Low Level Laser Therapy, this treatment has a power output of about 2-5 milliwatts. Among the different types of hair laser treatments, this is considered to be one of the most popular and one of the most effective treatments. Since it operates on a low power level, you do not have to worry about thermal damage. The lasers emit the so called Class IIIa which can be considered as highly therapeutic.

With the use of a low level laser, it can stimulate your hair cells. This also stimulates hair growth by undergoing the process called photobiostimulation. By stimulating hair follicles on your scalp, you get the chance to rejuvenate your hair.

Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy

Undergoing the laser hair therapy can yield you different benefits. For one, you can prevent future hair loss. This specific treatment is strongly recommended for those who are suffering minor hair loss problems. As early as now, you can take preventive measures to avoid further hair loss.

Next is the fact that there is basis to believe that laser hair therapy can actually stimulate hair growth. Many of those who have taken the treatment would attest for its effectiveness. The therapy claims to stimulate hair growth through the penetration of low level laser light into the tissues. Another benefit that you can get is that with laser hair therapy, you can have stronger hair.

Risks and Cautions

The laser hair therapy is safe to use. Since it is a non-surgical procedure, you do not have to worry about side effects. However, it is still important to keep in mind that only an expert can provide this kind of treatment unless you will purchase a consumer device that works as a laser hair therapy. In terms of costs, it varies depending on the type of treatment and the treatment needed for your hair condition.