Cutting Edge Technology Enabled Hair Transplants Delhi Clinics Offer at Affordable Prices

If you have sparse hair or are going bald at the front or at the back you can easily regain fresh youthful looks with a simple process. The process is hair transplant Delhi based expert cosmetic surgeons carry out using the latest, cutting edge technologies.

The process of hair transplant may be a little time consuming but has lasting effects. It is usually carried out by an expert and experienced cosmetic surgeon by harvesting hair from other parts of the head and bear and implanting them in the bald patches. The natural hair follicles grow and in six months you can have a head of thick, lush hair. The actual surgery involves removing hair bearing scalp, making slits in the places where hair is to be transplanted and placing the graft in such slits. The person undergoing treatment is anaesthetized and the operation usually lasts 4 to 8 hours during the day time. After that he returns home. The transplanted hair usually falls out but in a couple of months new hair starts to grow.

On paper it sounds easy enough but success depends on the skill, knowledge and experience of the cosmetic surgeon carrying out the hair transplant. The process is also important. When you pick hair transplant Delhi surgeons you can be confident that the process is completed quickly and will show positive results. The results last for life.

Cosmetic surgeons resort to the latest techniques and tools one of which is ultra refined grafting using tiny blades, mini incisions and dense packing of follicular units in a given area and also angle the follicle plantation perfectly to give a natural look to the hair that eventually grows. With this technique the patient needs to undergo the operation only once.

However there are other, equally efficient processes such as microfollicular hair transplantation, follicular unit extraction and punch hair matic processes.

Microfollicular hair transplantation: In this process surgeons harvest follicular hair units. A follicular hair unit is a group of 3 or 4 hairs growing at one site and surgeons use a microscope to incise such units from areas of the head or beard that are genetically resistant to balding. Such incised portions of follicular units are then grated into incisions at the donor in an irregular fashion to mimic natural hair growth and look. This technique is time and labour intensive but results are permanent and natural.

Punch Hair Matic: This process involves the use of automated equipment to speed up the process of extraction and transplantation of hair. The machine has an electro pneumatic device that extracts grafts using a circular micro punch of about 0.8 to 1.4 mm diameter and transplanting the grant to donor site. It is possible to control depth of penetration and obtain 100% intact grants and do the same while transplanting thus ensuring a higher chance of success.

If you seriously wish to see bald patches covered by luxurious growth in less than a year you should consider hair transplant Delhi based experts offer using any of the three processes in a painless, fast process.