The Do’s & Don’ts of Choosing a Hair Transplant Clinic.

Are you suffering from baldness due to extensive hair loss, and you have finally decided to undergo a hair transplantation surgery? In recent years hair transplant surgery has gained much popularity among people who lose hair at a young age. A hair transplantation surgery is an effective way to make up for your lost hair.

It is possible to make bad decisions while choosing a hair transplant clinic by taking incorrect advice or by simply doing insufficient research. In the case of hair transplant such, mistakes can prove very expensive and harmful.

Here are some tips on how to choose a reliable & safe Hair transplant clinic for your long-lifetime surgery.

  1. Don’t blindly trust to surgeons

There are high chances that a surgeon will force you to undergo surgery wherein the first place you don’t need it, so be careful of that. The hair transplant market has gained a steady rise over the years. Thus, this has given rise to many uneducated and untalented fake surgeons who want to make profits. It is important that you stay away from imposters. these people.

  1. Don’t go for special offers or discounts

There are many clinics that offer cheap rates to attract people in. A clinic which claims to the hair transplant surgery for as low as Rs. 19000 are frauds.

  1. Do ask questions

Before you go for a surgery clear all your doubts. Make sure you are aware of everything before the operation starts. Although, we are not asking you to master the art of hair transplant but knowing the basics of the procedure is a good idea. A genuine doctor will always try to solve all your queries and doubts.

  1. Do check your doctor’s credentials

You don’t want someone with a saloon employs performing surgery on you. Check all the credentials of the staff and doctors.

It is very important to check all the credentials of the clinic staff and doctors before you undergo the surgery. In many countries, only a Plastic surgeon, a general surgeon trained in hair transplant surgery, a Dermatologist and an ENT surgeon are allowed to perform hair transplant surgery.

To check the credentials, ask the following questions to your hair transplant surgeon:

  • Whether he or she has formal training in hair transplant?

  • Is he a member of any reputed hair transplant association?

  • What is his/her success rate?

  • Do they follow up post-surgery?

  • Do they follow a sterile practice?

  • Are they capable of handling table emergencies?

  • To ensure that they have the right infrastructure.

Certainly, a doctor’s skill is the most important factor while performing surgery, but that doesn’t curtail the importance of using modern medical machinery. Although, a hair transplant surgery is noted as a complex procedure surely it is a life-changing one. So, make sure you have ticks to all the above questions before getting into a hair transplant surgery.