Laser Therapy: A Non-Surgical Method for Hair growth

Both men and women from across the globe suffer from hair loss. This condition is attributed to different reasons. Your genes and even stress can aggravate your hair loss problem, causing major alopecia issues.

But thanks to technology, there are now ways for you to prevent hair loss. You do not have to undergo any surgery operation just to address the problem. Through the non-surgical method known as the laser hair therapy, you get to find an effective way to treat hair loss, baldness and other scalp related problems.

What is Laser Hair Rejuvenation?

Laser hair rejuvenation is a new and a non-surgical method to prevent hair loss. This treatment makes use of laser energy (low light) through a device made in Europe to treat hair loss conditions.

The nice thing about this procedure is that both men and women suffering from terrible hair loss can still have healthier and voluminous hair.

The Science Behind the Laser Light Therapy

For those who seriously want to find the most effective solution for hair loss problem, this is the best treatment available.

But just before you finally try this treatment, it helps if you know the science behind the low level energy used in the laser light therapy.

The use of low level laser energy initially started in various experiments conducted by Professor Andre Mester in Budapest, Hungary way back in 1964. During the experiment, he found out that the use of low power laser light allows micro-circulation of blood supply.

In turn, this speeds up the healing process. This distinguished property of low level laser light enables others to further develop a device that can be used to treat hair loss.

Difference Between High Power and Low Power Lasers

There are two different kinds of lasers that are used in various facilities: the high power and the low power lasers. How do these two differ?

The former is used to give off heat and it is used penetrate tissues while the latter does not give off heat. Using photo energy, the laser light therapy helps increase blood flow. This is hair beneficial for your hair follicles and scalp which stimulates growth.

Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy Treatment

In various countries all over the world, the laser hair therapy treatment has become a widely popular procedure to prevent hair loss. Clients who have already tried this treatment can attest for its effectiveness.

There are various benefits that you can get.

For one, it helps the increase of blood supply on your scalp. This is easily noticeable even after one treatment. With the increase of blood supply by 54%, this results to hair follicle stimulation which allows your hair to grow shinier and thicker.
85% of patients who continue using the treatment are able to prevent further hair loss damage. Those who undergo laser hair therapy can also experience softer hair but the hair roots are strong and elastic.

Consult Experts

To get to know more about this procedure, you can find an expert providing this treatment. Before you start the procedure, you can consult an expert for some advice regarding your concerns.