Low Dose Laser Hair Therapy for Pattern Baldness

Based on recent statistics, male pattern balding also known as Androgenetic alopecia occurs to men (70%) and women (40%).

This condition is widely common among men as they experience alopecia while on the other hand; women who suffer from this condition tend to experience having thin hair. Many also suffer from the usual hair loss problems.

No person wants to experience this kind of situation. It can be frustrating and embarrassing especially when you have to deal with different kinds of people.

This is primarily one of the reasons why many people suffering from pattern balding are willing to shed out money just to prevent further hair loss and to stimulate hair growth.

With recent developments in technology, there are now ways for you to address the problem. Through the so-called low dose laser hair therapy, you can provide a long term solution to your hair problem.

What is a Low Dose Laser Hair Therapy?

Laser is used to remove hair. How then is laser hair therapy used for hair growth? Low dose laser hair therapy is a type of non-surgical procedure used to help those who suffer from various hair loss problems. This treatment is also known as cold laser, photo-biomodulation, red light therapy, etc.

This treatment makes use of low level laser that will then emit light for the scalp. The wavelength varies depending on the device. For instance, the first type of laser hair therapy which is the low level laser therapy makes use of wavelength 630-670.

There are also consumer devices that are now made available for home use. For example, you can purchase the HairMax LaserComb created by Lexington International, USA.

Know How the Laser Hair Therapy Works

Prior to undergoing this treatment, it helps if you know how the laser hair therapy works. The hair growth is composed of three different phases: the growth phase, the resting and the shedding phase.

By using a low level laser procedure, your blood flow increases and stimulates growth of follicles or catagen. This laser therapy penetrates your scalp in such a manner that it goes through the different phases of hair grown.

Benefits of Low Dose Laser Hair Therapy

Once you decide to have the laser hair therapy, you can get several benefits. This treatment can be used both by women and men. There are also no negative side effects.

It is a non-surgical treatment which offers fast and painless treatment. In terms of cost, this type of treatment is also not that expensive. When it comes to the results, the treatment claims to help stimulate hair growth and help you hair become stronger.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of the treatment varies depending on the specific type of laser hair therapy you intend to have. Just before you finally avail any treatment, find a certified and reliable doctor who can perform the different laser hair treatments.

For a full treatment package, you can definitely expect for a higher cost. But there are also other types of treatments that are more affordable.