How Effective is Laser Hair Restoration

When many people suffer from the embarrassing condition of losing hair, they turn to different treatments and hair products to address the problem. Among the most popular treatment is the laser hair restoration treatment.

This treatment was initially reported by the New York Times. Until now, there are heated debates as to whether this treatment is indeed effective. There is a question as to whether laser therapies are better than the conventional hair restoration treatment. Despite the growing popularity of laser hair therapy, some experts are still skeptical if it is indeed effective.

The Science Behind the Laser Hair Therapy

The laser hair restoration therapy makes use of low power laser to stimulate hair follicles and increase blood supply. In an interview by the New York Times with Sandy Tsao, a dermatologist and instructor at Harvard Medical School, she expressed her skepticism towards the efficacy of the treatment.

In the industry, lasers are primarily used to remove hair. Contrary to its use in generating hair growth, lasers are commonly used to get rid of hair. However, Dr. Alan Bauman refuted the statement by saying that the purpose of using laser hair therapy is to stimulate the declining hair follicles.

Use of Consumer Devices

There are various kinds of laser hair restoration treatments. Among the most popular is the use of consumer devices. By using a device, you do not have to go any facility just to be able to enjoy the benefits of a laser hair restoration therapy.

For instance, there is a product that has already been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration which is the HairMax LaserComb. The product is safe to use. But then, the agency cannot attest for the efficacy of the product although it claims that it treats alopecia and hair baldness problems.

The said device is manufactured by Lexington International which costs about $500. According to the creator of HairMax LaserComb, using the comb three times for 15 minutes can yield good hair benefits.

Use of Other Types of Laser Hair Restoration Treatments

The previous one is the cheapest option available. For those who have serious baldness and hair loss problems, using a device won’t be enough. As such, it is essential to try the other types of hair restoration therapy procedures like the Laser Luce LDS 100. This is a fast and easy treatment.

It feels as if you are inside the salon. The doctor will use the low power laser on your scalp. The other kind of treatment is the Low Level Laser therapy where a specific wavelength is chosen for the procedure.

Are There Other Options?

Unfortunately, there is no 100% effective treatment both for temporary hair loss and baldness according to Mayo Clinic. These treatments can only improve your hair growth cells.

You may use a tropical treatment known as the minoxidil. Other medication used is finasteride. But for those who want to have a long term solution, the most suggested option is to undergo a surgical hair transplant procedure.

How Effective is LaserComb in Stopping Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common condition among men and women, young and adults. This can be an alarming situation especially when you notice too many hair strands starting to fall from your scalp. No person would want to end up going bald. This is the reason as to why many Americans are willing to spend money on various hair related products just to make sure that they properly maintain their hair. There is nothing wrong with that. Your hair is your crowning glory. It is just but right to invest.

In the market, there are lots of products and different kinds of treatments claiming that they offer effective and long term solutions for various hair loss problems. Among these products is the HairMax LaserComb. This is consumer device that every user can use in order to stimulate hair growth. The said LaserComb is FDA approved and is considered to be a device that can potentially cure baldness. This is the claim of the creator and those who believe in the benefits of using the HairMax LaserComb.

What to Expect with HairMax LaserComb

The creator of the device, HairMax claims in their website that 90% of users will notice significant changes upon using the comb. After 8 weeks, users can experience increase in hair growth, increase in hair density and one can have shinier hair.

The managing director of Lexington International, David Michales, further asserts that this LaserComb is not your usual comb. It makes use of light energy which can penetrate tissues and which can stimulate hair follicles. As such, continuous use of HairMax LaserComb enables users to have stronger and thicker hair.

How Effective is HairMax LaserComb?

Users who seriously want to address their hair loss problems definitely want to know if this product can really help. There are debates regarding the efficacy of using HairMax LaserComb. Of course, marketing strategies of the creator and the sellers magnify the actual benefits that users can get from using this product.

According to Dr. Marc Avram, an associate professional at Weill Cornell Medical College New York, lasers can stimulate hair growth. But based on research, there is a small percentage to show that those who use laser hair will have more hair after the treatment. There is thin evidence to show that the use of LaserComb is better than other hair treatments and medications used.

Without a doubt, the LaserComb is safe and easy to use. For those who want to properly take care of their hair, this is a good device to use. It is strongly recommended for those who experience minor hair problems. But if you are suffering from alopecia or from other worse hair problems, you cannot set high expectations in using the HairMax LaserComb.

It is still crucial that you consult your doctor and ask for the best treatment to get. For worse case conditions, you might end up having a hair transplant or even undergo medications if needed. Your doctor is in the best position to recommend an effective solution for your hair worries.