Laser and Light Therapies for Alopecia

Laser therapy is widely used in various procedures to remove tattoos, scars, lesions, hair and wrinkles. But now, laser therapy is considered to be one of the most effective solutions to address hair loss problems.

Way back in 1967, Dr. Mester conducted a series of studies using low level laser therapy. Years after, there are evidences to show that lasers can be used to treat alopecia namely alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia.

Those who suffer from severe hair loss conditions make use of laser hair therapy. Although there are debates as to whether this treatment is effective or not, many still believe that laser therapy can provide long term solution.

Androgenetic Alopecia and Alopecia Areata

Androgenetic alopecia is one kind of pattern hair loss condition in which cell populations are reduced. This negatively affects hair growth. People experiencing androgenetic alopecia undergo certain medications.

Depending on the prescription of the doctor, some take finasteride or minoxidil.

These drugs are FDA approved to treat alopecia. Apart from these drugs, there are several tropical products being offered in the market. Despite the overwhelming number of products claiming to treat alopecia, few are satisfied with the results.

Another type of alopecia is the Areata. This is a widely common cause of hair loss. Adults suffering from Areata make use of intralesional corticosteroids treatment.

In addition to this first line treatment, there are also other therapies and even tropical products being marketed. Unfortunately, not all are happy with the results.

Is Laser Hair Therapy Effective?

There are three different kinds of laser hair treatments being used today. Depending on your budget and your personal preference, you can choose which type of treatment to use.

You can have the low level laser hair therapy LLLT which is known to stimulate hair growth. With a power output of 2-5 milliwatts, this can deeply penetrate into the scalp which stimulates hair follicles.

Doctors offering low level laser hair therapy claim that patients using this treatment will have stronger and thicker hair.

For those who do not want to spend much, there is a consumer device which utilizes the laser light technology. The lasercomb has become popular all over the world eversince its first release.

According to Lexington International, the creator of this device, the lasercomb can help people suffering from hair loss. Continuous use of lasercomb for 6 weeks or more guarantee good results.

Although these treatments claim that they are all effective and give long term solutions, some experts are still skeptical. Hair laser therapy may work for those who experience minor hair loss problems.

But for those who suffer worse hair loss conditions, this may not be the best option.

Consult an Expert

Instead of self-medicating, it is strongly recommended that you find a reliable doctor who can help you. Your doctor can help you determine the most suitable procedure or treatment depending on your condition.

Some facilities may even offer free hair scalp analysis to help their clients see the current condition of their scalp and hair.