How to Treat Male Pattern Baldness

In the United States and even in other countries, there are a lot of people who are suffering from hair loss. The trend is continuously increasing every year. Majority of them have androgenetic alopecia or also known as pattern baldness. But with the recent developments in technology, patients now get the chance to have surgical hair restoration. For hair loss, this is the most popular treatment being offered.

How to Prevent Baldness

Baldness is a result of a wide variety of factors. Age is one of them. When men reach the age of 30, half of them start to lose hair. Unlike in their teenage years, their hairline starts to diminish.

In addition to your age, your genes will also determine if you are at risk of becoming bald. According to Steve Latham Hair Clinic of Alabama, genes can be a contributing factor but this is not the only reason why many people go bald.

The Truth About Hair Loss Treatments

With the increasing number of people who are experiencing hair loss, for sure you have come across various advertisements in particular magazine and television advertisements claiming that they offer effective and guaranteed hair loss solution.

But the problem with these offers is that they do not look at the root cause of the problem.

These so-called miracle treatments do not work for prevention and hair loss treatment. Make sure that before you spend any money, the treatment or the product you intend to buy is approved by the FDA and endorsed by the American Hair Loss Association.

With so many hair loss products being marketed today, you would not want to end up wasting money on pricey products that would only disappoint you. While the problem is still manageable, you should start working on preventing from further hair loss.

Effective Treatments

There are two highly recommended treatments that are clinically proven to treat and prevent hair loss. The first treatment is Finasteride. This is the generic name for the brand name for Proscar and Propecia. The said product was created by the company Merck. Originally, Finasteride was developed to cure enlarged prostate glands.

While the products underwent clinical trials to treat prostate problems, there was a surprising side effect. Men who used the product experienced hair growth. With the approval of FDA, Merck finally decided to develop Finasteride as a pill to cure male pattern baldness. FDA approved 1mg dose of Finasteride for alopecia treatment in December 1997. That time Minoxidil was already available in the market. But Propecia is the very first drug aimed at helping cure male pattern baldness.

How Does it Work?

Finasteride works by inhibiting the 5-alpha-reductase. This is an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT or androgen dihydrotestosterone. DHT is responsible for shrinking the hair follicle which in turn affects hair growth. With 1 mg dose of Finasteride, you can lower the levels of DHT in your scalp by 60%. Based on studies, 865 of men who tried the drug recorded effective prevention of hair loss.

The Use of Minoxidil (Rogaine)

Another popular treatment is through the use of Minoxidil. This is also a drug approved by the FDA to treat male pattern baldness. The drug was originally developed to treat people who have high blood pressure. Eventually, clinical trials and series of tests recorded that those who are using the drug experienced hair growth. You can easily apply Minoxidil directly on your head.

These are the two treatments highly recommended by hair experts and by other people who have already tried them. If you want to find the best hair loss solutions, you should try Minoxidil or Finasteride. But just in case you are not sure, it helps if you can consult a medical professional.

Is Extreme LaserComb Highly Effective for Men?

70% of men suffer from baldness. Although it is a common condition occurring among men, any person would not simply accept the fact they will end up bald. Thanks to technology, there are now several treatments, hair products and medications that can help those who want to prevent hair loss.

Among these options is the laser hair therapy. This therapy is considered to be one of the most effective solutions that you can try. It is safe and you do not have to undergo any surgery. The FDA has already vouched for the safety of the therapy when it comes to treating hair loss.

Use the LaserComb

There are various kinds of laser hair treatments used. The cheapest type is the LaserComb. This is a consumer device that you can use at home. According to the creator of LaserComb, you can see noticeable improvements if you use the product three times a week for 10 to 15 minutes. Based on clinical trials, those who continuously use LaserComb along with Extreme Hair Therapy stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

How Does the Extreme LaserComb Work?

By using Extreme LaserComb, it is said that you can stimulate hair growth. It works in two ways. One, the Extreme LaserComb increases blood flow. This stimulates hair follicles and eliminates toxins (dihydrotestosterone). Since the comb makes use of adenosine triphosphate, it stimulates metabolism of cells. This is basically one of the reasons why people using Extreme LaserComb are said to have shinier and thicker hair.

Tips to Properly Use Extreme LaserComb

The LaserComb is very easy to use. At first, you might shed out some hairs. Do not be alarmed. This is very normal. After the shedding phase, you can notice that your hair starts to grow better.

Using this device is very easy. You can start by brushing your hairline slowly from front to back. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes. All you have to do is to repeat the process all over again.

What are the Results

Upon using the Extreme LaserComb, you can start noticing some changes. In about 1 to 8 weeks, your scalp feels lighter. As waste products are removed, you can notice that your hair is shinier compare to before. After 8 weeks, you will have thicker hair. In about 16 to 26 weeks, you can experience the complete benefits of using Extreme LaserComb. The results may vary from one person to another. Do not be easily discouraged if ever you don’t see significant changes after week 12. Just keep on using the comb and for sure, there will be improvements in terms of hair growth and density.

Is This the Right Product for You?

For minor hair loss problems and to properly take care of your health, you can use the Extreme LaserComb. However, you should carefully examine your hair. If you notice that your hair loss is getting worse, you may have to look for other hair treatments apart from using the Extreme LaserComb to prevent further hair loss.