Surgical vs Non-surgical Hair Replacement: Which is the Best Treatment for Hair Loss

Working with various groups of people both men and women who are suffering from hair loss, I get the chance to work with them. Many of these people are willing to spend money just to find the most effective solution to address hair loss problems.

They want to know the different options available. After saying that they can have hair replacement, they immediately want to know if it is a surgery operation.

Surgical hair replacement is just one kind of hair replacement. Most modern surgical hair replacement are non invasive and requires just a simple anesthetic. Few people know that there is also another type of hair replacement which is non-surgical.

Unfortunately, many people think that surgery is the only option available when it face there are several options that they can choose to have in order to address hair loss problems.

Know More About Nonsurgical Hair Replacement

Just like other procedures, there is what you call the nonsurgical hair replacement. This is a safe way to treat hair loss. Once you decide to undergo the procedure, you will get a cranial prosthesis which acts like natural hair.

This is customized in order to suit the needs of the patients. Contrary to what some would think, prosthesis is not a wig.

With wigs, other people can easily identify that you are wearing a wig. But prosthesis is very much different. It looks so natural on your hair line.

This is highly suitable especially for those people who have lost hair due to sensitive skin or other medical treatments.

Apart from using cranial prosthesis, there are also other hair therapies available. For instance, you might want to try the laser hair therapy. This is one of the most raved about hair treatments today.

Some say that it can prevent further hair loss and it can stimulate hair growth. You can also purchase consumer hair devices that you can use for your daily hair care routines.

What is Surgical Hair Replacement?

The other kind of hair replacement may involve a surgery operation. This is now what you know as the surgical hair replacement or hair transplant.

A lot of people who experience having super thin hair or those who are already bald can have hair transplant. Compare to other options, hair transplant can provide permanent and long term solution to baldness.

However, before you finally consider getting a hair plant surgery, make sure that you have considered all the important aspects like your health, your choice of doctor, the cost, etc.

This procedure will require technical expertise. Find a reliable and competent doctor who can perform and give you guaranteed results.

Which One is the Best Option?

All of these treatments and procedures are solutions to hair loss problems. It will just depend on your preference as well as the type of treatment recommended by your doctor.

For minor hair loss problems, hair laser therapy may work. But if you are really suffering from complete baldness then you might have to undergo the hair transplant procedure which can give you long term results.