Why body needs Zinc for hair growth

Zinc is an essential element which exists in our body; it resides in our muscles tissue and bones.It regulates many our body functions and biochemical process. Zinc elements are essential for the reproduction of cell, metabolism , maintaining the hormone level, absorbing various minerals, vitamin and a main contributor in the process of protein synthesis.

However, it’s a dilemma that zinc should be consumed after dealing with illness or after a workout. Zinc is basically required for our daily activities which includes our body development, growth, for healing and curing and to maintain the energy level; zinc is required. Although It has been studied that man requires more zinc than women.

How to get zinc in our body

The zinc mineral is not inhibited in our body, so the only way left to acquire zinc is to go for the foods that possess zinc or the supplement of zinc. Many of the medical studies and doctors recommended that average consumption of zinc at a day is 10- 20 mg ,but it can be vary depends on the age and health of a person. It is very surprising though that the daily amount of consuming zinc is not much , perhaps the deficiency of zinc; which is a common problem tells you that how difficult it is for people to intake this small amount. Zinc is found in various foods that we intake on a daily basis, the seafood is considered is the richest zinc food.

However, many other foods such as eggs, meats, poultry, whole grains and nuts accompanied a modest amount of zinc. Many of the cereals and processed food also contains a good amount of zinc, according to our estimation is 25%. Here, it should be noted that many of the commercial products claimed that they inhibits zinc , if we observe closely these products contains phytates (which slow the absorption of zinc) which leads the zinc deficiency. Vegetarian people are more prone to zinc deficiency; because their intake of meat and egg is near to zero. Their whole diet depends on carbohydrates which makes them vulnerable for zinc deficiency.

Zinc Deficiency

Zinc deficiency occurs when the body needs are not getting enough zinc which is required. Zinc deficiency, in medical terminology termed as Hypozincemia is deficiency come up from nutrition. The lower level of zinc can occur due to gastrointestinal problems, from the presence of any tumor or cancer, pregnant women and it can be due to any chronic diseases.

Despite of this fact, the prominent cause of zinc deficiency is the nutritional deficiency which comes up because of the body become incapable of malnutrition or malabsorption. The absorption of the zinc gets disturbed because of the extra increase or decreased by the zinc amount in the body.The deficiency of vitamin A and D are also related to zinc deficiency.

Regardless of the above fact, many other minerals such as calcium, iron, copper and magnesium also counter the zinc absorption. These minerals in our body required in a specific ratio, the over consuming whether in the form foods, supplement or tablet can lead to affects the zinc absorption. This deficiency can also occur from diarrhea, anemia, diabetes and even from the surgery treatment of obesity. The cause of zinc deficiency is very confusing, due to its diverse function in the body.

Signs of Zinc deficiency

The zinc deficiency simply occurs because of slow absorption, the excess and the decrease amount of zinc. Zinc deficiency can be undermined through many signs. Many of the researches identifies that the most common sign of zinc deficiency is hair loss. When we consult a surgeon Dr Rana Irfan which provide best FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan to discuss the signs of zinc deficiency; he highlights that zinc is important for the cell growth and when a person is enduring deficiency which slows the cell growth and also weaken them; which eventually leads to hair loss and the severity reaches to baldness.

Another sign is if the person starts getting easily infected from infection or flu; it happened because the immune system starts getting compromised due to zinc deficiency, one of the popular infection; diarrhea also a serves as a common symptom of zinc deficiency. One more significant sign is the appetite lost, the ability to smell and taste get lost;If this symptom remains untreated then it leads to anorexia. The deficiency also leads to neurological problems and affects the pregnancy as well weaken the mother’s body. Many studies suggest that the zinc deficiency leads to women infertility ,skin disease and lack of sleep.