Teenage Hairloss Problems and Remedies

Teenagers commonly suffer a lot from the problem of hair loss. This is the age when hormonal changes occur in the system, and triggers excessive hair loss. Hair loss to a certain extent is okay, but it needs to be addressed, if hair fall is not under control. Various research studies done in the past had indicated that, excessive hair loss can be a cause for baldness in the future.
However, expert medical practitioners state that, there are several factors responsible for hair loss. This include, a poor diet, disease pertaining to the skin, lack of proper nutrition, changes in hormones, genetic factors or a change in the environmental factors. Hair loss is observed to happen in specific patterns, especially concerning men. This is very often referred to male pattern baldness. In such a case, bald patches develop on scalp, which gradually widen further. Baldness can be treated and this particular symptom requires proper hair transplantation. There are several hair transplantation clinics across India, and a patient can make a choice based on his / her budget.
Going back to the topic on hair loss for teenagers, experts claim that natural remedies can be given during the initial stage. If loss of hair is controlled, then it is fine, but if not such a problem need to be properly addressed. Increasing baldness needs doctor consultation at any point of time. Doctors happen to be the right guides who can give you proper suggestions. However, most of the medical practitioners suggest that you go for hair transplantation after the age of 28 respectively.

Reasons for loss of hair:

It has been commonly observed that, loss of excessive hair is closely associated with severe health indications.  Such indications can once again be related to chronic diseases, such as thyroid and blood sugar. There are certain important observations regarding excessive loss of hair in teenagers which are as given below:
1. Females during their teens are more prone to hair loss than males of the same age. Hair fall happens during the whole of the day, while bathing, sleeping or relaxing.
2. There are various causes for loss of hair. This can include change in hormones, connection with a chronic disease or dandruff as well.
In such kind of cases, experts suggest that, the patient should take nutritional supplements, such as vitamins or iron. At the same time, a personal hygiene regime should be strictly followed so as to keep your scalp free. Diet is an important factor during teenage, which shapes one’s body and personality. Therefore parents should undertake strict regimens regarding food preparation as well as distribution.
3. Sometimes children suffer from the habit of excessive hair loss. This is caused by alopecia aerate, asymptomatic condition, which is dangerous. Such kind of a disease allow attacking of own hair follicles as a result of low immunity. Children often suffering from such a disease have round or oval patches in the scalp. The only permanent treatment for such condition is hair transplantation.  

4. Nutritional deficiency:
Malnutrition is yet another cause for hair loss. Hair growth requires many nutrients which stimulate hair follicles. Such nutrients include Vitamin C, protein etc. Vitamin C helps in synthesis of collagen which support hair follicles and keep the scalp healthy.


It has been observed that, sufficient amount of protein will trigger our hair growth. But excessive amount of protein consumption can lead to other problems.
Slow Metabolism
This is yet another important factor, and intake of Zinc is prescribed in order to solve this problem. Intake of zinc helps in preventing hair loss to a large extent.

Other causes For Hairball:

Several other causes which are associated with hair fall, include filthy scalp, brutal brushing, tight binding of hair, excessive usage of hair dryers, coloring of hair may lead to loss of hair. Diseases related to the scalp, dry and itchy scalp, stress, genetic factors as well as Cancer are some reasons which are associated with hair loss. Baldness is sometimes triggered through cancer, medications and conditions related to chronic diseases such as thyroid.

Precautionary measures:

This blog helps you to go through certain precautionary measures in order to avoid hair loss. These include:
A good diet which brings in a fresh intake of Vitamin C and high proteins.
Caffeine or coffee can stimulate hair growth and can be taken regularly
Foods such as egg yolks, peanuts, Greek yogurt, chicken, kale, beans, tofu, turkey and lentils are recommended to be taken
Avoid using hair dryer, use a mild shampoo and don’t change your shampoo repeatedly.